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Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that is rich in probiotics...

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  • Kefir Fermenters consists of jar, straw, lid and plastic chamber with numerous holes. Kefir grains have free access to milk through holes during fermentation and reliable separated from ready kefir during drinking through straw. Just fill jar with milk and drink after solidifying. 
  • Refillable: can be made fresh daily
  • Great time saving: no more pouring from one jar to another, no strainer, no spatula, no cleaning.
  • Saves money when you make your own kefir from milk.
  • Buy it with or without Kefir Grains


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​​Kefir Fermenter Pint (473 ml).

Short: only 13 (5") cm height.​​


Milk Kefir Fermenters

Grains, Containers, Parts and Kits

CONTAINERS for Kefir Grains.

Manufactured from food grade Polypropylene.  FDA approved, BPA free.

Small size designed for use with 0.25 - 0.5 liter of milk.

Large size container for use with  0.5 - 1.5 liter of milk.

Containers are coming with or without Kefir Grains.

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100 grams. It is enough for use with 1-3 liters/ 50-150 oz of fermenting volume.

$ 33.75

Dramatically simplify process of separation of Kefir Curd and Whey. Produced Curd is fresh, delicious and low acidic. Whey is a great drink when fresh and cold.  It is easy to separate Kefir Curd and Whey in order to produce two tender, sophisticated, delicious and healthy products from Kefir. STEPS: - Add milk to Separator and incubate 20-24 hours at room temperature - Place Separator in warm water to expedite separation or just incubate till separation will be well seen - Open faucet and pour whey out - Lift straw with curd out of jar.

Water Kefir Fermenter has spigot located on relatively large distance from bottom where Water Kefir Grains located. Thus, grains don't stack in spigot during pouring out.

Instructions: Add slightly sweet (organic cane sugar is the best) water mix with 1/4-1/2 of Juice (pomegranate, grape or apple; organic not from concentrate is better). Allow to stay 24-48 hours. Pour in bottles for high pressure (special glass bottles or from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.). Allow to stay 24-48 hours. Release extra pressure 2-3 times.

Refrigerate and enjoy! 

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$ 21.75

Curd & Whey Separator 1.0L/34 oz

$ 17.75

Kefir Fermenter 350 ml/12oz for every day one person use

Kefir Fermenter 800 ml/27 oz








SET of Container for Kefir Grains and Lid with grid.

Small size for regular mouth jars. Big size for classic wide mouth jars. 

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Kefir Fermenter 1.5 L/50 oz for family use

$ 17.75

Make your home delicious, carbonated and healthy soda or fermented vegetables or fruits full of probiotic live bacteria and yeast with Water Kefir Fermenter or Cages for Water Kefir Fermentation. 

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SET OF LID, STRAW & CONTAINER for jar you already have.

Small container comes with regular mouth lid. Big container comes with classic wide mouth lid. Lid has holes for aeration and protection from insects.


​Kefir Fermenter 600 ml/20 oz

$ 19.95


Microbiota, INC.

$ 26.75

$ 17.75

$ 24.75

$ 19.75

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$ 29.75

$ 22.75

Water Kefir Fermenters

Kefir Curd & Whey Separators


Containers for Water Kefir Grains has holes (1mm) to keep grains inside container during fermentation. Containers can be used with glass bottle/jar of your choice. They are excellent for fermentation of vegetables or fruits or making home soda.

Instruction for fermenting vegetables of fruits: 

Cover vegetables or fruits with hot (1 minute after boiling) water. Allow to come to room or slightly warm temperature. Put container with water kefir grains inside. Add small amount of sugar. Allow to stay 2-5 days. Store in refrigerator.

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$ 25.50

MILK KEFIR GRAINS sold in sterile plastic protective container: around 30 grams.

It is enough for use with even large (1.5L) Kefir Fermenter or Separator.

$ 29.75